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Anaerobic Chamber (DWS DG250)


ÄKTAexplorer™ chromotography systems are designed for fast development and optimization of any biomolecular purification, using one working platform for all techniques and samples. The method wizard and optimized system configurations, allow rapid media screening, method scouting, method optimization, and scale-up experiments

  1. Fast, simple start to every purification.

  2. Simple column selection suited to each purification.

  3. Fast, systematic method optimization.

  4. No manual titration of buffers.

  5. Flexibility from laboratory to production.

All enquiries are welcome to Pengcheng Zhou ( at 28315525

RALF Autoclavable Benchtop Bioreactor BiOENGiNEERiNG (Switzerland)

RALF Autoclavable Benchtop Bioreactor Bi
  1. Bioengineering RALF for Cell Culture or Microbial Fermentation.

  2. Rounded-bottom autoclavable laboratory fermentor/bioreactor.

  3. Unlimited options for pumps and gas lines.

  4. Can do cell and microbial culture in the same reactor due to free configuration of gas lines.

  5. Comes with the most comprehensive bioprocess management software: BioSCADA Ralf includes complete process automation, recipe features, audit trail, access level management, batch reporting, and various other advanced features.

  6. Free I/O modules for external devices such as exhalyzers, VOC, probes, etc.

All enquiries are welcome to Pengcheng Zhou ( at 28315525

Non-contacting Protein Dispenser

Non-contacting Protein Dispenser.png
  1. Allow to dispense samples in a non-contacting manner.

  2. Allow to dispense samples quantitatively in a “Step-and-Repeat” mode with a dispensing volume from 1.3 nL- 2 μL as a single drop.

  3. Multi-mode dispensing in terms of dot dispensing and line dispensing with automatic wash, aspiration and dispense.

  4. Suitable for applications including Lateral Flow, Immunoblot, and Flow Through.

All enquiries are welcome to Pengcheng Zhou ( at 28315525

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