Animal Phenotyping

Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System CLAMS (Columbus Instrument)

  1. Oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production.

  2. Respiratory exchange ratio: Selective substrate oxidation (carbohydrates/lipids).

  3. Home Cage Activity: Monitoring and interpreting 3D (X,Y and Z dimension) activity.

  4. Food & drink consumption: 24-hours monitoring.

  5. Core body temperature: Telemetry monitoring.

  6. Temperature control ( 4°C-37°C).

  7. Ten mice are monitored simultaneously.

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The Minispec LF90 Body Composition Analyzer (Bruker)

The Minispec LF90 Body Composition Analy
  1. Non-invasive measurement of lean tissue, fat, and fluid in live rodent models.

  2. Rapid analysis: less than 2 minutes and no sample preparation.

  3. Stress-free measurements.

  4. For both mice and rats (up to 800 gram).

  5. Allows frequent testing because of negligible risk to animal health.

  6. Longitudinal studies become possible.

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Wire Myography for Isometric Tension Recording (Danish Myo Technology DMT)

Wire Myography for Isometric Tension Rec
  1. Measurement of isometric tension in isolated arterial rings ex vivo under physiological conditions (37 °C, pH 7.4) as an approximation for vascular function in vivo.

  2. High sensitivity for determinations e.g. in mouse aorta, carotid, mesenteric and renal arteries.

  3. Evaluation of endothelial dysfunction in murine disease models and transgenic animals.

  4. Four rings can be examined in parallel per system.

  5. More than twelve hours viability of the preparations allowing sequential concentration-response curves to pharmacological and physiological substances.

  6. Digital recording for data analysis on personal computer using LabChart® software.

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BP-2000 Blood Pressure Analysis System (Visitech Systems)

BP-2000 Blood Pressure Analysis System (
  1. Non-invasive determination of blood pressure and pulse rate in unanesthetized mice.

  2. Tail-cuff system having high correlation with invasive measurements in unrestrained animals.

  3. Approximately 30 minutes recording per set.

  4. Four mice can be examined in parallel (platform for rats also available).

  5. Screening of transgenic animals for changes in blood pressure, continuous monitoring.

  6. Digitally recorded raw data exportable to Excel®.

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Animal Treadmill (Columbus Instrument) for exercise study

Animal Treadmill (Columbus Instrument) f
  1. 3 individual lanes for rats; 6 individual lanes for mice.

  2. Single belt construction.

  3. Unique wide range of speed adjustable from 3 to 100 meters per minute.

  4. Adjustable acceleration in 0.1 meter/minute-steps per second.

  5. Digital display of distance traveled, time and counts touch on electrical stimulus.

  6. Adjustable inclination: 0-25°.

  7. Electrical stimulus with individual on/off switches per lane.

  8. Belt texture facilitates animal grip.

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Small Animal Intensive Care Unit (Harvard Apparatus)

Small Animal Intensive Care Unit (Harvar
  1. Provide thermoneutral environment (30 °C) for mice to avoid thermostress and thus determine the thermogenic capacity at a basal level.

  2. Speed recovery for mice after surgery.

  3. Fluid heating method could eliminate hot spots and ensure sustainable temperatures.

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Hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic Clamp

Hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic Clamp.png
  1. Gold standard for assessing insulin action in vivo.

  2. Hyperinsulinemia is achieved by a constant insulin infusion.

  3. Euglycemia is maintained via a concomitant glucose infusion at a variable rate.

  4. Isotopic 2[14C] deoxyglucose allows to assess tissue-specific glucose uptake

  5. [3-3H] glucose allows to assess glucose production and disposal.

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Implantable Telemetry System(Data Sciences International)

Implantable Telemetry System?(Data Scien
  1. Blood pressure measured via carotid artery.

  2. Biopotential signals such as ECG, EMG, EEG or EOG.

  3. Core body temperature.

  4. Locomotor activity.

  5. Direct measurements free from the effects of anesthesia and stress.

  6. Long term monitoring with or without pharmacological treatments.

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Vevo® 2100 System

  1. Superior resolution and image uniformity through entire field of view.

  2. 30 micron resolution.

  3. Frame rates in 2D up to 740 fps (for a 4x4 mm field of view).

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