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In-vitro Analytical & Assay

XF Extracellular Flux Analyzers (Seahorse)

XF Extracellular Flux Analyzers (Seahors
  1. In vitro measurement of oxygen consumption, glycolysis, carbon dioxide, mitochondrial function, and fatty acid oxidation.

  2. Effect of oxidative stress on mitochondrial functions.

  3. Test the capacity of cells to maintain ATP level upon treatment with mitochondrial respiration inhibitor or glycolytic inhibitor.

All enquiries are welcome to Baile WANG (

BS120 Automatic Biochemical Analyzer (Mindray)

BS120 Automatic Biochemical Analyzer (Mi

A bench-top analyzer for clinical biochemical analysis and biochemical reagents development.

  1. Automatic dilution system.

  2. 37 °C incubation.

  3. Test speed: 100 test/hour.

  4. 8 different wavelengths.

  5. Minimum reaction volume: 180 μl.

All enquiries are welcome to Pengcheng Zhou ( at 28315525

Synergy H1 Hybrid Microplate Reader (BioTek)

Synergy H1 Hybrid Microplate Reader (Bio
  1. Excellent plate reader: reliable, fast, good sensitivity.

  2. Monochromator absorbance.

  3. Full-light luminescence.

  4. Fluorescence polarization.

  5. Time resolved fluorescence.

All enquiries are welcome to Pengcheng Zhou ( at 28315525

Anaerobic Chamber (DWS DG250)

Anaerobic Chamber (DWS DG250).png
  1. The workstation is used to process, culture and examine anaerobic samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen.

  2. The workstation can accommodate 270 x 90mm Petri dishes.

  3. Temperature control: 5°C-45°C.

  4. The user portholes act as two mini-airlocks so the users can transfer plates at the same time as entering/exiting the workstation.

  5. The workstation is available with automatic sleeve gassing system operated by foot-switch so the users can ensure the correct conditions and use gas supplies efficiently.

  6. Gas supplies: 100% N2 and mix gas (10% H2 10% CO2 80% N2).

All enquiries are welcome to Jianyu Yao ( at 53720954

Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (TRACE 1300/ISQ Single Quadrupole)

All enquiries are welcome to Yan Liu (li
  1. Separating different components of a mixture that can be vaporized without decomposition (environmental science, industrial chemicals and life science).

  2. Full Scan/SIM simultaneous within sample injection for confirmation and improved quantitation in the same analysis.

  3. AutoSIM for quick and automated method development.

  4. Inert ion source and sample flow path for highest chromatographic integrity.

  5. Quick column change is enabled without venting the mass spectrometer.

All enquiries are welcome to Pengcheng Fan ( at 39179257

High-pressure Liquid Chromatography(Agilent 1100 series)

High-pressure Liquid Chromatography?(Agi
  1. Rapid separation the components of a mixture from various biological samples.

  2. Pumps with flow control are available for automatic gradient delivery.

  3. Autosampler is ready for rapid, accurate, and precise injections.

  4. Ultraviolet (UV) detector allows the measurement of sample to absorb light at different wavelengths.

  5. Provides high-sensitivity fluorescence detection with wavelength range up to 900 nm without sacrificing sensitivity.

All enquiries are welcome to Pengcheng Fan ( at 39179257

Multi-Channel Oxytherm System (Hansatech)

  1. For real-time measurement of oxygen signals in isolated mitochondria and cells

  2. User-friendly O2 data acquisition and system configuration software /li>

  3. 8 channels which enables simultaneous measurement of multiple samples

  4. Suitable for examination of mitochondria respiration and function

All enquiries are welcome to Baile WANG (

Yeast Two-hybrid (Y2H) Screening

Yeast Two-hybrid (Y2H) Screening.png

Yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) screening is a mature technique to discover novel protein interactions and maps the precise binding regions between two proteins. Our service includes:

  1. Cloning: Subclone gene of interest into Y2H vector and transform into yeast.

  2. Testing for “bait” auto-activation.

  3. Screening: Perform large scale (pre-made or custom-made) library screen.

  4. Screening: Phenotypic analysis (up to 4 reporter genes are used).

  5. Screening: Recover plasmids from yeast and transform into E.coli.

  6. Screening: Determine identity of “prey” by sequencing.

  7. Validation: Retransform yeast with recovered plasmids to verify interactions.

All enquiries are welcome to Chi-Ming Wong (

Viral Services

Viral Services.png

We offer a broad range of viral expression system (Adenovirus, Lentivirus and Adeno-associated virus) for gene delivery.

  1. Subcloning your gene of interest into related vector.

  2. Large-scale preparation of virus.

  3. Determination of the viral titer.

  4. Technical Support.

All enquiries are welcome to Huang Zhe ( at 39179763

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