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News & Seminars
Professor Gen-Sheng Feng from the Department of Molecular Biology in San Diego, USA, was invited to give a seminar.
Seminar: Utilizing Noninvasive Blood Flow Velocity Measurements for Cardiovascular Phenotyping in Small Animals (23/12/2020)
2019 Hong Kong Symposium on Cardiometabolic Health was successfully finished (09/2019)
2019 Hong Kong Mini-Symposium on Molecular Metabolism was successfully held (09/2019)
Master Class 2019: Hong Kong Contemporary Issues in Clinical Trials and Biomarkers has been successfully held (08/2019)
Job Opportunities
Post-doctoral Fellow in Antibody and Protein Engineering
Post-doctoral Fellow in Metabolic and Immunometabolism
Senior Technical Officer/Technical Officer (holding the functional title of Laboratory Manager)
Research Assistant I/II in Antibody Production and Characterization
Research Assistant I/II in Metabolic Research
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